At Nefer Beauty & Diet Center we provide a complete program for targeted weight loss from thighs-hips and belly.

The program includes body composition analysis, even if you do not do the full package (diet & Hypoxi).

What is included in the complete Hypoxi package.

  1. Diet Support

Personalized weekly diet program, by our dietitian Olympia Vlasserou, depending on your needs. The Hypoxi method is always combined with a special hypocaloric diet to lose the pounds you desire.

  1. Hypoxi

With the Hypoxi method you can lose targeted fat from the areas where you tend to accumulate fat (thighs-hips and belly).

Includes (every month) Total Offer
12 Hypoxi L 250 or Vacunaut 1st month 350€
2 Body composition analysis 2nd month 250€
4 weekly diet programmes 3rd month 150€

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