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Regulation of Oiliness – Acne

Anyone who has acne definitely dreams of waking up in the morning and not seeing “another pimple” on their face or body.

Acne is not a condition observed only during puberty. It usually occurs during this period in a person’s life, but it may appear for the first time at any age even at 40 or it may persist beyond this age.

At Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre, we can offer you the most appropriate treatment against acne, suitable for your skin and age.

Our most active treatments are carried out during winter time and they are mainly based on Deep Face Peelings (such as salicylic acid, lactic acid etc.).

Ideally, in combination with our cosmetic treatments, we apply Photoregeneration for Acne.

In the summer, we take care of what we will apply on the skin in order not to react with the sun. In this case, we regulate the secretion of smegma by Enzyme Peeling.

We have the knowledge, experience and the right products and machines to limit or eliminate acne.

First, we remove the smegma that has already accumulated in the sebaceous glands, with deep facial cleansing.  We then reduce smegma hyper-secretion with appropriate professional care in our premises and recommend Cosmeceutical day care products at home.

Oily skin – Acne – What is it? 

At Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre,
we can offer you the most appropriate treatment against acne, suitable for your skin and age.

Active skin care treatment with acids, for persistent acne

Peeling with acids for Acne - Oily skin

Eliminate acne and its signs with the Peeling with acids for acne – oily skin. Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre recommends an active treatment to treat acne-prone, oily skin and acne scars.

It works effectively on the key factors responsible for the development of acne:

  • Smegma hyper-secretion
  • Hyper-hornification, i.e. the skin does not renew its surface layer successfully and quickly.
  • Propionic bacterium of acne
  • Treatment suitable for the following skin conditions:
  • Oiliness
  • Blocked sebaceous glands
  • Dilated pores
  • Acne

Treatment stages

  • Use of a special facial cleanser, based on exfoliating fruit acids, soap-free and skin-irritating sulphates.
  • Application of a serum with mild acids, suitable for regulating oily & acne-prone skin.
  • Salicylic acid has a very good ability to penetrate the sebaceous gland to regulate oiliness from the “root” of the problem.

If there is an allergy to salicylic acid, then we apply glycolic acid.

Salicylic and Glycolic acid can also be combined in the same session, if the beauty therapist decides to do so.

  • Application of a booster – serum with Retinol
  • Μask to soothe the skin from acids. With moisturising, soothing and regenerating action.
  • Regenerating – Moisturising face cream & sun protection

Information you need to know after a Peel session

  • Mild redness and skin irritation may occur after the session.
  • Mild exfoliation can occur the day following the Peel and may last for 1 – 4 days.
  • You can resume your normal activities immediately. The skin does not need downtime.

For the treatment to be comprehensive, it must begin with the appropriate soothing products at home at least 10 days in advance and  it continues during the sessions at Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre.

After the sessions, the results are maintained at home with the appropriate products recommended by the Nefer Beautician.
Although you should always wear sunscreen on your face, neck and chest, especially for Peel sessions, you must wear sunscreen. In particular, sun exposure should be avoided 10 days before the treatment and for 1 month after the last session.

Cost: 50€

Duration of session: 50′

Offer: In 2 sessions, the 3rd FREE OF CHARGE

Number of sessions: 4 – 6 sessions

Frequency: every 7 – 14 days (Acne stage and tolerance levels of each skin determine the number of sessions)

Supplementary treatment:

Until the following session of Depp Peeling for Acne, we recommend applying Deep hydration for oily skin. Hydradermie Purete – Guinot

One of the best worldwide hydration facial for oily skin

Deep hydration for oily skin. Hydradermie Purete – Guinot

Deep moisturising facial, eye and neck treatment for oily skin.

This is a special hydrating method with 2 types of currents (galvanic & HF) and with “charged” products for better penetration.

With Hydradermie Equillibre hydration treatment, Nefer’s beautician selects specialized moisturising gels for oily skin. Thus, it can achieve deep hydration in oily skin without blocking pores.

Treatment stages

  • Make-up removal
  • Exfoliation with fruit acids
  • Toning
  • Hydrating phase There are used hydrating gels, suitable for oily skin, suitable for face, eyes and neck, that are ionised for better absorption by the skin.
  • Oxygenation There are used an oxygenation product and HF electricity for the increase of blood circulation with simultaneous antibacterial action.
  • Relaxing massage
  • Face and neck masks for skin nourishment and hydration
  • Face cream

Cost: 79€

Duration of session: 60’

Number of sessions: 36 sessions

Frequency: 1 – 2 sessions/week

Supplementary treatment: 

It can be combined with Peeling and Anti-oxidation with negative oxygen ions – Dermionologie Facial – Weyergans

Dermionologie Facial – Weyergans

Anti-oxidation with Negative oxygen ions

Detoxification, rejuvenation, radiance and enhancing the function of slow skin cells with the strength of negative oxygen ions. The patented Dermionology treatment is based on pooled negative ions.

Science has already identified the advantages of negative ions since 1957. When the American biologist A.P. Krueger described them as “vitamins of the air”. He showed that negative oxygen ions have vital properties for the body and that they positively influence breathing, cell membrane metabolism and the psychological state of those who participate in the session.

What does it do?

⦁ Increase of cell metabolism
⦁ Increased production of collagen & elastin resulting in skin tightening
⦁ Enhances microcirculation, resulting in radiance and removal of toxins
⦁ Removal of fluid retention – reduction of black circles and fluid retention
⦁ Reduces irritation and rashes
⦁ Energy balance
⦁ Elimination of free radicals


⦁ Removal of make-up
⦁ facial Peeling
⦁ Application of the special transparent helmet on the face for 30΄and turning on the device. The helmet is connected to the main device via a tube.
During the session, negative ions are delivered onto the facial skin. At the same time, through breathing, they are delivered to the whole body and especially to the brain.
Essentially, the device sucks the air out of the room and filters it out of dust and viruses. It then considerably enhances the negative ions of the air and sends them to the helmet.
⦁ Optional (extra cost): Application of an extra facial treatment to regulate oiliness.
⦁ Application of the appropriate cream for each skin.

Read more about Negative oxygen ions

Cost: 45€

Duration of session: 30’

Offer: 350€ for 10 sesssions (35€/session

Number of sessions: 10  sessions

Frequency: 10 sessions are recommended during a skin rejuvenation cycle, i.e. 28 days.

Supplementary treatment:

It can be combined with other facials, before, after or in-between. E.g. Deep facial cleansing, Peeling with acids. It enhances their results or soothes the skin where needed. In addition, it significantly reduces recovery time after more invasive sessions

with technology elos ac

Photoregeneration & Radiofrequencies

Put an end to acne with Aurora’s innovative ELOS technology, which combines pulsed light and Radio-frequencies. At Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre, you will find modern effective treatments for acne regulation that offer safe and drastic solutions for every beauty problem of your skin.

How will Photoregeneration for Acne eliminate acne that causes spots and scarring?

Acne is a skin disorder caused by various factors, including hormonal and genetic ones. On the skin there is a normal population of bacteria of the Propionibacterium acnes type, but when pores get clogged, the smegma produced and the multiplication of P. Acnes result in the formation of the distended and inflammatory damages of acne.

Aurora AC uses a specific light energy spectrum aiming at the bacteria causing acne. It combines the light energy of pulsed light – IPL (short wavelengths of the blue spectrum) and the radio-frequency – RF energy in order to reduce the inflammatory damages of acne and the time required for their healing. The skin’s texture and colour become smoother.


Prices are for 2 sessions/week:

Minimum session 16€
Neck 31€
Cheeks 31€
Face 62€
Chin 26€
Forehead 42€

Duration of session: 15΄ – 30΄

Number of sessions: 8 – 16 sessions

Frequency: 2 sessions / week