Facial Care

Soothing – Desensitisation

Does your skin pull, peel and is it generally red with dilated capillaries? Find the perfect soothing treatment at Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre.

Sensitive skin needs a careful selection of care products, as well as their daily use at home and treatments that will hydrate and soothe it.

The modern way of life in the city combined with stress and the wrong way of eating can “put stress” on your skin, resulting in the loss of its balance. In this case, Desensitisation – Anti-oxidation with negative oxygen ions – Dermionologie Faciall is the ideal treatment for you.

If your skin is sensitive and dehydrated at the same time, the Hydradermie Apaisant– Guinot hydration can be tailored to your needs.

In addition, a sensitive skin can develop pimples. Its diminished defence can make it prone to microbial growth. In this case, the ideal treatment is a Deep Peeling for sensitive skin. Redness Peel by Medik8

Sensitive skin – What is it?   

At Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre,
desensitization treatments are carefully selected to effectively treat skin that is “red” and feels like “pulling”!

Hydradermie Apaisant – Guinot

Deep hydration for desensitization

One of the top hydrating treatments that can be customized for sensitive – red skin worldwide. It is a deep hydrating treatment for the face, eyes and neck for sensitive – sensitised skin.

This is a special hydrating method with 2 types of currents (galvanic & HF) and with “charged” products for better penetration.

With Hydradermie Apaisant hydration, the beautician selects moisturising and soothing gels. In this way, it can deeply hydrate and soothe sensitive skin.

Treatment stages

  • Make-up removal
  • Exfoliation with fruit acids
  • Toning
  • Hydrating phase There are used hydrating  – soothing gels, suitable for the face, eyes and neck that are ionised for better absorption by the skin.
  • Oxygenation There are used an oxygenation product and HF electricity for the increase of blood circulation with simultaneous antibacterial action.
  • Relaxing massage
  • Face and neck masks for skin nourishment and soothing
  • Face cream

Cost: 79€

Duration of session: 60’

Offer: in 2 sessions, the 3rd FREE OF CHARGE

Number of sessions: 3 sessions

Frequency: 1 session / week

Dermionologie Facial– Weyergans

Desensitisation – Anti-oxidation with negative oxygen ions

Detoxification, rejuvenation, radiance and enhancing the function of slow skin cells with the strength of negative oxygen ions. The patented Dermionology treatment is based on pooled negative ions.

Have you ever been in a waterfall or even in waves that crack strongly on rocks? You will have definitely felt great wellness. The cause is the negative oxygen ions, produced when the water falls with great force on the rocks or the ground.

What would you say if you could enjoy this beneficial effect in the city? How? With dermionologie!

As we grow older, our body is not oxygenated satisfactorily, so our cells do not have enough energy –  oxygen. This is why cell metabolism slows down. In addition, the body will use oxygen for the vital organs first and then it will use it for the skin.

Science has already identified the advantages of negative ions since 1957. When the American biologist A.P. Krueger described them as “vitamins of the air”. He showed that negative oxygen ions have vital properties for the body and that they positively influence breathing, cell membrane metabolism and the psychological state of those who participate in the session.

What does it do?

⦁ Increase of cell metabolism

⦁ Increased production of collagen & elastin resulting in skin tightening

⦁ Enhances microcirculation, resulting in radiance and removal of toxins

⦁ Removal of fluid retention – reduction of black circles and fluid retention

⦁ Reduces irritation and rashes

⦁ Energy balance

⦁ Elimination of free radicals


⦁ Removal of make-up

⦁ Application of a special product that helps the skin to better accept negative oxygen ions.

⦁ Application of the special transparent helmet on the face for 30΄and turning on the device. The helmet is connected to the main device via a tube.

During the session, negative ions are delivered onto the facial skin. At the same time, through breathing, they are delivered to the whole body and especially to the brain.

Essentially, the device sucks the air out of the room and filters it out of dust and viruses. It then considerably enhances the negative ions of the air and sends them to the helmet.

⦁ Optional (extra cost): Applying facials such as Mesotherapy (microneedling) with Neopen MED® by Toscani.

⦁ Application of the appropriate cream for each skin.


45€/ 1 session

350€ for 10 sessions (35€/session)

When combined with facials: cost of treatment + 15€ for Dermio Care® Facial

Duration of session: 40’

Number of sessions: 46 sessions


10 sessions are recommended during a skin rejuvenation cycle, i.e. 28 days.

Supplementary treatment:

Can be combined with other facial treatments, before, after or in between them. E.g Deep facial cleansing, to help instantly soothe sensitive skin. Enhances their effects or soothes the skin where needed. It also significantly reduces recovery time, after more invasive sessions.