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Laser Alexandrite - Men

Permanently eliminate MALE hair growth and bursitis with the latest LASER Alexandrite technology at Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre.

Get rid of unwanted MALE hair growth and bursitis quickly and painlessly with the new GentleMax Pro Laser system by Candela. LASER Alexandrite emits monochromatic light with a wavelength of 755nm.

End of unwanted hair and folliculitis

LASER Hair removal - Alexandrite by Candela

The Alexandrite laser is a permanent method of hair removal. How many sessions are required?

On average, hair disappears within 8 sessions. The frequency of the visits are as follows: the first 2 – 3 sessions every 1 or 2 months and the remaining ones every 2 or 3 months, i.e. when hair appears again.

LASER hair removal is not suitable for the following cases of hair growth:

For blond hair and bloom. And this is because there is not enough hair melanin to absorb the energy of the LASER and reach up to the root in order to destroy it.

What will you feel during the session?

When undergoing hair removal using the best appliance of the global market, you feel the confidence of a large American company, the speed and effect of the leading firm in the LASER market for hair removal and the least possible inconvenience, thanks to its perfect cooling mechanism. We are proud of the 3rd generation CANDELA.

Factors that can increase discomfort upon application of the hair removal with the LASER are: dark skin, dark and thick hair growth. In addition, every individual has a different feel and tolerance to discomfort – pain. After 2-3 sessions when hair growth will start to weaken, discomfort is significantly reduced and is not worth mentioning.

How safe is the use of LASER for hair removal?

Candela’s LASER Alexandrite is suitable for all skin types, provided the parameters are adjusted properly.

Safety and effectiveness depend on the quality of the appliance used, but mostly on the person handling it as well as on whether the system is properly maintained.

In our salon, LASER hair removal is done exclusively by beauticians, graduates of the Technological Educational Institute, who have been taught in the course of their studies how to carry it out safely and how it acts and they know all LASERS as well as ways of protection. We are also legally allowed to apply it safely  At the same time, the Candela company provides us with excellent information about the use of this system.

At Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre, indicative areas where we apply permanent male hair removal with LASER Alexandrite are as follows:

– Face: upper lip, eyebrows, glabella, cheekbones (when the beard goes up to the eyes)

– Ears

– Hands

– Armpits

– Legs

– Chest

– Back

– Belly

– Neck

– Collarbone (the area where the hair appears on the neck and cervix when wearing a shirt)

It is also a suitable method for the treatment of bursitis. Bursitis occurs to some individuals following hair removal using a razor or wax. Subsequent to this, hair rolls back into the skin irritating the hair follicle. As a result, the area around each hair follicle turns red and may show pimples, dyschromia or scars on more sensitive skin. So when undergoing LASER for permanent hair removal, the factor that irritates the hair follicle is eliminated too, leaving the skin smooth without redness or a “grey” shadow under the skin.

How long does a session last?

The session with the LASER Αlexandrite (GentleLase Pro-U), which is the latest model of the Candela company, provides fast and efficient applications. Sessions last from a few minutes up to 1 hour, depending on the area to be applied.

Indicatively, we list the duration required for some areas when LASER hair removal is applied.

Area of application Duration
Back 20′
Chest – belly 20′
Legs 30′
Armpits 5′
Neck 10’
Hands 15′ – 20′

How the treatment is done

– We mark the area under treatment.

– We have the hair cut.

– We apply the laser.

– We apply a soothing cream.

What to look out for before your session with LASER Alexandrite?

– If the skin is tanned (from the sun or solarium), you should wait until the tan disappears.

– You should avoid exposure to the sun or solarium for at least 4-6 weeks before the LASER Alexandrite application.

– If using self-tanning creams or you tan using an airbrush, you must stop their application 15-20 days before the hair removal with LASER Alexandrite.

– Do not have your hair decolourised or waxed 4-5 weeks before and after the sessions.

– You may have the hair shaved on your body 1-2 days before the session (following consultation with the beautician).

What to look out for after the session?

– You should use sun cream, renewing it on a regular basis (every 1-2 hours).

– Avoid exposure to the sun or solarium for 2-4 weeks so that you eliminate the possibility of hyperpigmentation.

– Do not use deodorant for 24 hours (when doing LASER on the armpit).

– Do not rub the area with peeling or a rough sponge.

– Do not pull hair with wax or tweezers.

– Immediately after the LASER hair removal, the area may turn pink or red and blotches may occur, which is expected and quite normal. This can last from several hours up to 2-3 days.

Other information

– 10 – 20 after the session, your hair will start to fall.

– If you follow any medical treatment, you should inform your beautician – when completing your history – because some medicines can make your skin photosensitive while you take them.

Side Effects

Generally, there are no side effects and this is a safe method of permanent hair removal. In particular, LASER GentleLase Pro-U is one of the safest because it has a very good cooling mechanism to cool the skin during application.

The following are not allowed:

– Any drugs that cause photo-sensitivity (as already mentioned) or in case of veal skin and pregnancy.

– It is also very important to avoid sun exposure because especially very dark-haired people may experience hypo- or hyper-pigmentations (darker or lighter marks compared to your normal skin colour) after the application of LASER. For this reason, at every session you should inform your beautician in all honesty about any sun exposure.

At Nefer, before starting a hair removal treatment with LASER, we always discuss your expectations with you and solve any questions you may have. We will inform you about the rough number of sessions required and at what frequency.

In some cases, a combination of hair removal methods is required, e.g. electrical hair removal for white or very fine hair that does not have enough melanin to absorb the energy from the LASER.

At Nefer Beauty Salon & Dier Centre, we are able to provide you with all hair removal methods, using the best appliances of the market (LASER Alexandrite – Candela & Aurora ELOS – Syneron), handled by beauticians, graduates of the Technological Educational Institute.

Nefer – Video LASER Hair removal

See the relevant video about permanent hair removal using LASER Alexandrite.

LASER ALEXANDRITE packages at affordable prices

Area of application Initial price Offer
Men’s back & Shoulders & Chest & Belly From 270€ 200€
Full body for Men (with simple bikini line excluding face) From 550€ – 600€ 350€ – 400€


Area of application Initial price Offer
Glabella from 30€ 20€
Eyebrow from 40€ 30€
Ears from 30€
Nose (nostrils) from 30€
Neck – collar from 50€ 40€
Hands from 80€ 60€
Back from 120€ 100€
Chest & Belly from 120€ 100€
Chest from 60€ 50€
Back & Shoulders from 150€ 120€
Back & Shoulders & Chest & Belly from 200€
Legs (excluding bikini line) from 150€
Legs (simple bikini line) from 200€