Dietitian - Nutritionist

Olympia Vlasseros

My name is Olympia Vlasseros and I am a Dietitian – Nutritionist. I graduated from the “Science of Dietetics & Nutrition” department of Harokopio University in 2011 and since then I have been practicing this profession on a full-time basis.

I decided to pursue the science of nutrition as I grew up in a family where nutrition was an important “ingredient” of our daily lives. As a genuine Greek family, we always had cooked food at home, we all ate together, with pleasure, and at the same time, we used nutrition as a means of preventing and maintaining health. Observing the relation between both myself and other people with nutrition, I had many questions, which I decided to solve by studying this subject.
For my dissertation, I participated in the epidemiological study MEDIS (Mediterranean Islands Study) on the research topic of “Consumption of beverages and BMI in old age”. Within the framework of my graduate training, I cooperated with the “Athens General Hospital G. Gennimatas” and the “Athens General Hospital Alexandra”.
I have worked as an independent partner in gyms in Athens such as “Holmes Place”.

I keep my office at Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre (formerly Figura Helena) in Ilioupoli and I work with other beauty salons too. Nefer Beauty Centre is a family business in Ilioupoli with 35 years of experience. It is run by my mother, Eleni Tsikouri, who is an beautician-cosmetologist, Graduate of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens.

I often volunteer to speak about nutrition issues at kindergartens and schools, while I had also been a member of the local group of the Municipality of Argyroupolis – Attica Region for the international programme “PAIDIATROFI by EPODE”.

I am a member of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Dieticians – Nutritionists (PSDD) and the Hellenic Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists (EDDE).

I am a certified professional in eating disorders, having obtained the title of Master Practitioner in eating disorders from the Center for Education and Treatment of Eating Disorders (KEADD).

nutrition services

At Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre,
you can find solutions for the following:


Prevention and treatment of
pathological conditions

– Adult Obesity
– Childhood & Teen Obesity
– Type Ι & ΙΙ Diabetes, Pregnancy Diabetes
– Underactive & Overactive Thyroid
– Cardiovascular diseases
– Blood pressure
– Osteoporosis
– Stomach & Intestinal diseases
– Anorexia
– Bulimia

Diet for special groups 

– Sports
– Pregnancy & Lactation
– Menopause
– Babies & Toddlers


diet plans

– Antioxidant diet
– Anti-ageing

Additional benefits 

– Diet instructions & advice
– Delectable recipes in light versions
– Preservation of lost kilos (up to 3 months) FOR FREE
– Leg-thigh index checks: Measurement of BMI & Hip to Waist Ratio
– Check of fat composition, muscle mass & body fluids
– Diet teleconference through Skype


My philosophy

My goal is not only to help you lose weight, but also to guide you to change your eating habits, to keep your weight steady, to improve your relationship with your body and to improve your health. For this reason, for each person who visits me, I follow the following basic principles:

1 – We set together your goal, which will be realistic and achievable.

2 – Forget about deprivation diets and lightning-fast weight loss, which is temporary. The diet plan will not aim to starve you, it will be easily feasible and will respect your schedule.

3 – The diet plan will be fully personalized, in order to meet your own nutritional needs. Various factors are taken into account such as age, gender, height, weight, dietary preferences, physical activity, working hours, social activity and of course the health status of the individual.

4 – The diet plan will be balanced and will include all foods, as long as there is no specific health problem that prevents it. There are no good and bad foods, but good and bad habits associated with them.

5 – Successful weight loss requires lifestyle changes. That is why it is always combined with nutritional training.

6 – After achieving your goal, you have 2 preservation sessions for free.

7 – In the case of a minor, their guardian will have to accompany them on the 1st and 2nd visit in order to receive instructions to boost their effort.

What every visit includes

Each visit includes nutritional training and easy recipes, according to your diet.

This is the most important session, which will last about 40-60'.<br /> Most of the time will be devoted to receiving detailed information about you through your medical and nutritional history. I will evaluate your nutritional status by reviewing your medical examinations and, if necessary, I will suggest additional examinations, with the consent of your doctor. Once I have gathered all the information I need, we will perform the necessary body measurements and fat measurements. So I will have a complete picture, in order to identify possible problems and set your goals. During this visit you do not get a diet plan, since as mentioned above, it will be personalized and information analysis and proper structuring will be needed at this stage.</p> <p>Cost of the 1st session: 40 €

It takes place within 3 days of the 1st visit, in person or via email. During this visit, I deliver the diet plan to you and I explain it. I will solve any possible questions for you and together we will correct anything that concerns you. Along with the diet plan, you will receive several tips, delicious and easy recipes and the diet diary.

During the subsequent visits, we will update the diet plan and give new recipes, depending on the progress that has been made, which we will see by performing body measurements and looking at the diet diary.</p> <p>Much of the time of these sessions is devoted to your training in nutritional issues, as well as techniques for preventing difficult situations.</p> <p>Weekly session cost: 20 €<br /> (from the 2nd session)

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