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Beauty is the harmonious coexistence of body and soul. In order for a person to be beautiful, they also have to feel beautiful  and be able to experience their image in a positive way. Our image enhancement is the expression of an internal need and it is related to self-respect, self-esteem, the respect of human environment as well as the accord between looks and the general environment. I believe that our body is the shrine of the soul. The home that shelters our thoughts and emotions. It is this shrine that we have to take care of, to maintain in a good state and improve.

This is our job: AESTHETICS.

Beautician – Cosmetologist
Graduate of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens
Founder & Director of the Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre Nefer
Chairwoman of the Federation of Greek Professional Beauticians (OSEDAE)
Publisher & Editor of “Aesthetics Today”, Specialist Magazine



Don’t eat less, eat right

Our aim is to promote health and beauty through a balanced nutrition, without exhausting diet plans or deprivation, keeping the pleasure that eating provides.




At Nefer, we know that we can not prevent the normal ageing process, but we can reduce its signs on the face and the body. In anti-ageing treatments, we aim at 3 skin conditions. These are sagging skin, the texture of the skin, which becomes rough and uneven with discolourations and wrinkles. As a result, you can to look up to 10 years younger, but mainly without altering your physical characteristics.



At Nefer, every visitor is unique.

We welcome you to the modern Beauty Salon & Diet Centre in Ilioupolis, Attica – Greece. Staffed with high-quality personnel and equipped with high-tech machines.It opened in 1983 under the name of Figura Helena, in Iros Konstantopoulou Street and in 2017, it was moved to new modern premises on 429 Vouliagmenis Avenue and it was renamed Nefer.

Nefer’s team is well-trained, with the right theoretical and practical background to provide specialized beauty care and advice. In 2011, Olympia Vlaserou, graduate of Harokopio University, joined our group. Olympia offers scientific nutritional support. So, our centre now offers comprehensive solutions for both beauty and health.

NEFER’s Team



Cellulite Treatment

The Hypoxi method is a non-invasive lipolysis method that acts directly and effectively against topical fat, cellulite and skin relaxation. With the Hypoxi method you can lose fat from the body areas where you tend to accumulate fat.

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What they said about us

Great staff, beautiful interior, perfect service.

Tatiana Pali


What they said about us

Very friendly and helpful staff, I have been going to the salon for years and I trust no one else! Very advanced technology in LASER hair removal machines, I’ve tried LASER elsewhere and this is by far the best, it is fast and less painful!

Jenny Hionidi


What they said about us

Very good service, very kind staff. They have the most modern Alexandrite LASER machine. I was very satisfied. Congratulations on the wonderful work and keep going!!!

Eva K


What they said about us

Very nice and clean place, modern equipment, nice environment and very relaxing. Once you enter the place you understand the professionalism.
At first I went for a diet. You get informed and taught real useful things about your diet so you can see very fast results and have the urge to follow the diet you’ve been given.
Then, I got deep facial cleansing and what impressed me was how clean the place is and how well the staff is trained.
Definitely the best beauty salon I’ve visited.

Gabriel Palamidis


What they said about us

Clean and quiet space! Fully caring and helpful. The products they suggested me have made a difference to my skin! The best beauty center I’ve ever visited. I highly recommend it!

Tania Chomik


What they said about us

Very professional. A relaxing environment with beauticians who really know their job!

Yiota Vlasserou


What they said about us

CProfessionalism, with emphasis on cleanliness and very honest staff. Very rare combination nowadays.

Christina Tsant