Our Philosophy

At Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre, we believe that beauty is the harmonious coexistence of body and soul. In order for a person to be beautiful, they have to feel beautiful and be able to experience their image in a positive way. Image enhancement is the expression of an internal need and it is related to self-respect, self-esteem, the respect of human environment as well as the accord between looks and the general environment. We also believe that our body is the shrine of the soul, a home that shelters our thoughts and emotions. It is this shrine that we have to take care of, to maintain in a good state and improve. This is our job: AESTHETICS & DIET. With a lot of love for what we do and with utter respect for you, our clients, we work with our hands, heart and brain in order to enhance your looks. Taking advantage of our 30-year experience, we always choose up-to-date beauty methods, utilising technology with the most complete machines available and the newest and most specialised cosmetic products.

At Nefer every client
is unique for us

Meet our team

Services are always provided impeccably by specially trained beauticians, graduates of  the Technological Educational Institute,  having the theoretical and practical background  so as to be able to offer expert beauty services and advice. In 2001, Olympia Vlaserou, graduate of Harokopio University, joined our group. Olympia offers scientific Nutritional support. So, our centre now offers comprehensive solutions for both your beauty and health.


"Beautiful inside out"

The term "Nefer" was very popular in ancient Egypt. It always had a positive meaning in their literature. It symbolized beauty, kindness and youth. It was incorporated into many Egyptian names, including the famous queens Nefertiti and Nefertari.At Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre, the concept of Nefer represents us most definitely. It characterizes the way we offer the services we provide and how we see our clients– visitors, and how we want you to feel.

Our premises

Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre is a modern beauty centre in the southern suburb of Ilioupolis in Attica - Greece, staffed with high-quality personnel and equipped with high-tech machines. It opened in 1983 under the name of Figura Helena, in Iros Konstantopoulou Street and in 2017, it was moved to new modern premises on 429 Vouliagmenis Avenue and it was renamed Nefer. All these years, the salon constantly renews its products, services and machines in order to promote quality and optimise the services rendered to its visitors - clients.


A friendly place for people with

special needs

Our premises have been designed to be safely and fully accessible to people with special needs and in general to people with difficulty of moving, such as the elderly, the temporarily injured, parents with strollers and women in advanced pregnancy. We fully understand their need for treatment and care, with no exclusions or exceptions. There is also a W.C for people with special needs. On the day of your appointment, it is recommended that you make a phone call to confirm that there is free parking space in front of our premises.