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Men are exposed to the sun a lot, because many work outdoors and drive for several hours, while our hands are the first to see the sun when driving. Also, they have not learned to care for their hands. The sun affects the skin of the hands, causing photo-ageing, that is, small wrinkles, sun blotches (pigmentation spots), spider veins. You may have noticed that these marks are more prominent after summer and they recede in the winter. But over the years, you will gradually notice that they will not recede in the winter and eventually they will be there forever. If the sings of photoaging are pre empted in the beginning, then they can be treated faster.

At Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre,
we help you put an end to blemishes, sun blotches and discolouration on your hands, with hand whitening treatments!

Treat sun blotches, spots and wrinkles with great results, using photoregeneration

Hand Whitening Photoregeneration

At Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre, you can find a solution for sun blotches on your hands.

How does Aurora whitens the skin of my hands?

The Aurora device uses two different sources of energy. Light energy which is the pulsed light or IPL and electrical energy which is RF or radio-frequency. This technology is called ELOS, from the initials of Electro Optical Synergy.

It targets the brown spots – sun blotches on your hands, without injuring the surrounding skin.

In this way, we achieve  smooth and clean skin!

Following a series of 5 sessions:

  • Sun blotches (pigmental spots) on hands decolourise by 80% – 90%.
  • Fine lines on hands improve by 40% -60%

Is Photoregeneration with Aurora safe?

The method is very safe for the skin. Pulsed light and Radio-frequencies have been used by medicine, surgery and aesthetics for decades without problem. This is a completely safe method for skin restoration.

The device is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Who needs Hand Photoregeneration?

Anyone who wants to improve the look of sun spots or ageing sings on their hands, e.g. pigmental and vascular deterioration, as well as of rough skin texture. Skin rejuvenation can be applied to your face, neck, hands and arms. In particular, men who are exposed to the sun a lot, due to outdoor work or sports, are more in need of photoregeneration for whitening.


Pigmentation, Sun blotches, Wrinkles on hands
Hand spots 90€
Minimum session 60€
Prices are per session for 4 – 6 sessions, with once/month frequency

Duration of session: 15’ – 30’

Frequency: 4 – 6 sessions (once/month)

Supplementary treatment:

Hand Whitening – Anti-ageing Peeling

Anti-ageing Peeling is a specially designed treatment for the highly exposed area of the hands

Hand Whitening - Anti-ageing Peeling

Get rid of ageing blemishes and sun blotches on your hands with Hand Whitening – Anti-ageing. Many forget that the age of a person who takes care of their body is easily betrayed by ageing hands with sun blotches that indicate our actual age or even make us look older. At Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre, we help you put an end to blemishes, sun blotches and discolouration on your hands.

The  Hand Whitening – Anti-ageing Peeling is a specially designed treatment for the highly exposed area of ​​the hands. It helps whitening, anti-ageing and moisturising.

Treatment suitable for hands with:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentations – sun blotches
  • Premature ageing – Photo-ageing
  • Dehydration

Hand Whitening – Anti-ageing Peeling acts on 3 levels.

  1. It exfoliates
  2. It resurfaces
  3. It repairs

Treatment stages

  • Use of a special cleanser, based on exfoliating fruit acids, soap-free and skin-irritating sulphates.
  • Application of a whitening solution with fruit acids, suitable for the sensitive and exposed area of the hands.
  • Application of a Booster, with vitamin C or vitamin A (retinol), for anti-oxidation, anti-ageing and hydration
  • Antioxidant – anti Wrinkle mask for hands
  • Moisturising – Regenerating hand cream & sun protection

At home regimen

At home for daily use, we recommend the use of a special Hand Cream with whitening action and sun protection. This helps prevent and reduce the visible signs of ageing skin on the hands while providing intense hydration.

Cost: 59€

Duration of session: 50′

Offer: in 4 sessions, the 5th FREE OF CHARGE

Frequency: 4 – 6  sessions (every 7 – 14 days)

Supplementary treatment:

Hand Whitening Photoregeneration