Facial Care

Anti-ageing – Tightening

When we tackle skin ageing, we target 3 skin conditions:

– To tighten the lost elasticity of the skin.

– To improve the texture of the skin, which over the years acquires spots – sun blotches, it becomes rough and dull and

– To reduce deep wrinkles or eliminate fine lines

At Nefer, we know that we cannot prevent the normal process of ageing, but we can reduce its signs on the face and the body and let you know how to take care of the skin to avoid ageing caused by external factors.

Anti-ageing should begin from the inside, with proper nutrition and intensive exercise, and be completed on the outside with our protection from irresponsible exposure to UVA & UVB radiation and the Blue Light  (from our PC and smart phone screens).

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At Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre,
in order to fight the signs of aging, we aim to enhance skin elasticity and texture and to strengthen the connective tissue. That is, in all 3 situations caused by aging!

Hydradermie Lift - Guinot

Tightening with microcurrent

Hydradermie Lift is an anti-wrinkle facial treatment. It makes your face look younger, calmer and rejuvenated without the use of needles. It is a face lifting treatment that stimulates the muscles and skin. Muscles regain their lost toning, skin cellular activity is activated and facial features are restored.

Anti-wrinkle & tightening treatment with the use of charged products and microcurrent utilized for the stimulation of muscle fibre contraction (tightening).

Microcurrent is electricity of low frequency similar to the frequency the cells of human body function with. As a result, our face accepts it easier as one of its function.

It acts in three stages depending on the frequency and the movements used by the expert beautician at Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre.

  • It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • It restores muscle tone. Wrinkles smooth out and muscles retrieve their firmness.
  • Permanent expressions from stress that create new lines are eliminated.

Treatment stages

  • Make-up removal
  • Exfoliation
  • Toning
  • Muscle stimulation – hydration. Anti-wrinkle gels, containing vitamins, peptides, trace elements, DNA and herbal extracts are applied. The beautician then uses the microcurrents. They are 2 ball-shaped electrodes that when coming in contact with the skin they create an electric field between them, which activates the fibroblasts in order to produce collagen and elastin and invigorate skin muscles. This stage lasts for 20 minutes. From out of this time, 10 minutes are for the drainage and removal of toxins and 10 more minutes are for the invigoration of skin muscles.
  • Anti-wrinkle face cream
  • Sunscreen

Cost: 55€

Duration: 30′

Frequency: 1 – 3 sessions/week

Hydradermie Lift Deluxe - Guinot

Deep hydration & tightening

A comprehensive hydration – anti-ageing –  tightening treatment

Rich in moisturising & anti-ageing elements,it  strengthens the skin, oxygenates the tissues and restores facial features, giving you a youthful appearance and fully refreshed and rejuvenated skin.

Three currents are used for optimum results.

Treatment stages

  • Make-up removal
  • Exfoliation
  • Toning
  • Hydration – anti-wrinkle phase Moisturising – anti-wrinkle gels are used, separately for face, eyes and neck. They are then ionized for better absorption by the skin. They also restore the correct polarity of the cell, which loses it when dehydrated. In this way, hydration lasts for the next few days.
  • Muscle stimulation – hydration Anti-wrinkle gels are applied on face, eyes and neck. These are followed by microcurrents. They consist of 2 ball-shaped electrodes that when coming in contact with the skin they create an electric field between them, which is able to activate the fibroblasts in order to produce collagen and elastin and invigorate skin muscles. This stage lasts for 20 minutes. From out of this time, 10 minutes are for the drainage and removal of toxins and 10 more minutes are for the invigoration of skin muscles.
  • Oxygenation There are used an oxygenation product and HF electricity for the increase of blood circulation with simultaneous antibacterial action.
  • Relaxing massage
  • Face and neck masks for skin nourishment and hydration
  • Anti-wrinkle face cream

Cost: 120€

Duration of treatment: 60’

Number of sessions: 4 – 6 sessions

Frequency: 1 – 4 sessions/month

Radio-Frequencies– RF

Skin tightening

Radio-frequencies RF is a painless, non-invasive treatment for skin tightening, firmness and improvement of the oval face.

The session is quite pleasant as the client feels a gentle warm massage from the radio-frequencies head.

Radio-frequencies RF penetrate the deeper skin layers, causing their gentle controlled heating. This gentle and controlled “damage” stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin.

Διάρκεια Κόστος
Face 20′ 30€
Neck 10′ 20€
Decollete 10′ 20€
Face & Neck 30′ 45€
Face & Neck & Decollete 50′ 60€

Offer: In 2 sessions, the 3rd FREE OF CHARGE

Number of sessions: 6 – 12 sessions

Frequency: 1 – 2 sessions/ week

Face lifting - Eliminating skin imperfections

Tighetning with Plasma Lift Pen

Plasma Pen is a new generation device used to improve skin imperfections and boost collagen production, resulting in a firmer-looking face.

The device ionizes nitrogen from ambient air and creates a micro-electric discharge or plasma “arc”, used for aesthetic purposes. Treatment is non-invasive. The “arc” never touches the skin, but it is positioned about 1mm above the skin. It causes a superficial “micro-trauma” on the skin. This is known as Fibloblasting, which is the activation of its natural healing mechanisms, without adversely affecting the surrounding tissue.

Plasma Lift Pen Face Tightening, offered at the Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre, produces real Plasma and not just electricity. This is important, because the skin-created burn from the Plasma arc is controlled, superficial, targeted and it works exactly where we want to intervene to regenerate the skin and not deeper.
During the session, the tip of the Plasma Pen needle remains cold.
The skin is treated through the arc created.


  • It reduces wrinkles and provides a lifting effect for the:
    – neck
    – eyes
    – wrinkles around the nose
    – marionette lines
    – forehead
    – glabella
    – upper lip
    – smoker’s wrinkles
  • It tightens the sagging skin of the face.
  • It removes skin irregularities caused by premature ageing and ageing in general.

What is plasma?

Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter, while the other three are the following :

  • Solid
  • Liquid
  • Air

Unlike the last three states of matter, plasma does not naturally exist on earth under normal conditions and can only be produced artificially from neutral gases.

How is the treatment applied?

The device has a pointed end, which during the session approaches the skin and just before touching it, the plasma “arc” (like a small lightning bolt) is created between the skin and the end of the device.
The arc is small and controlled. It leaves small, superficial burns on the skin, which last for 7-10 days.

Is the treatment done all over the face?

With the Plasma Pen, lifting is applied all over the face to sagging areas that show signs of ageing, but never on the same day for all areas, because we need to leave the skin the time needed to heal and produce collagen without shocking the body.
For example, we would treat the neck area separately and at the next session, usually after 20 – 30 days, we would do the eyelids or forehead.

Should the skin be prepared before the Plasma Pen session?

For the best response to Lifting treatment with Plasma Pen, we prepare the skin to produce healthy collagen & elastin.
We suggest:

  • An acid Peel 15 days before the Plasma Pen session
  •  A hydration treatment 2-3 before the session
  • In addition, at least 15 days before, the client should start applying products that enhance the function of the skin at home. Such products mainly contain ingredients with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Peptides.

Following the Palsma Pen Lifting session, what care should be taken and what should be avoided?

  • Sunbathing & solarium are not allowed for 3 months (sun protection is a must during this time).
  • Cleansing of the area & use of saline solution twice (2)/day
  • Application of a regenerative cream until the crusts subside (7- 10 days)
  • Use of sun protection for 3 months
  • As long as there are crusts on the face, the use of sauna, sweat sports and cosmetic treatments (especially invasive ones) are not allowed.
  • The only treatment that can be applied at Nefer Beauty Salon is the Anti-oxidation with negative oxygen ions – Dermionologie Facial – Weyergans (it can be applied immediately after the session to enhance healing & regeneration of the skin).

After the Lifting session with Palsma Pen, what will the skin look like?

  • Mild swelling (first 3 days)
  • Creation of a crust in the form of spots (it is more evident after 1 – 2 days and subsides after 7 – 10 days). The client should not pull them out.
  • Redness for 2 – 8 weeks (it appears after the crusts have gone).


  • Pregnancy
  • Metallic inserts in the face
  • Epilepsy
  • Cardiac pacemaker
  • Skin lesions
  • Local inflammation
  • Unregulated diabetes
  • Acute inflammation

Treatment stages

  • Cleansing facial & antisepsis
  • Application of a local anaesthetic cream for 30 – 50′
  • Use of Plasma Pen device
  • Regenerating & sun protection cream



Application area (one area / session) Cost:
Neck 150€
Eyelids (upper) 100€
Eyelids (upper and lower) 150€
Forehead 150€
Area around the nose 100€

Duration of session: 40’ – 60’ (depending on how long  the local anaesthetic stays on the skin)

Number of sessions:1 – 4 sessions (depending on the age and overall appearance of the skin)

Frequency: 1 session / 2 – 3 months (only when redness recedes)
For a different application area: within 20 – 30 days of the other session with Plasma Pen

Dermionologie Facial – Weyergans

Anti-oxidation with negative oxygen ions

Have you ever been in a waterfall or even in waves that crack strongly on rocks? You will have definitely felt great wellness. The cause is the negative oxygen ions, produced when the water falls with great force on the rocks or the ground.

What would you say if you could enjoy this beneficial effect in the city? How? With dermionologie!

Detoxification, rejuvenation, radiance and enhancing the function of slow skin cells with the strength of negative oxygen ions. The patented Dermionology treatment is based on pooled negative ions.

As we grow older, our body is not oxygenated satisfactorily, so our cells do not have enough energy –  oxygen. This is why cell metabolism slows down. In addition, the body will use oxygen for the vital organs first and then it will use it for the skin.

Science has already identified the advantages of negative ions since 1957. When the American biologist A.P. Krueger described them as “vitamins of the air”. He showed that negative oxygen ions have vital properties for the body and that they positively influence breathing, cell membrane metabolism and the psychological state of those who participate in the session.

What does it do?

⦁ Increase of cell metabolism

⦁ Increased production of collagen & elastin resulting in skin tightening

⦁ Enhances microcirculation, resulting in radiance and removal of toxins

⦁ Removal of fluid retention – reduction of black circles and fluid retention

⦁ Reduces irritation and rashes

⦁ Energy balance

⦁ Elimination of free radicals

Treatment stages

⦁ Removal of make-up

⦁ Face peeling

⦁ Application of the special transparent helmet on the face for 30΄and turning on the device. The helmet is connected to the main device via a tube.

During the session, negative ions are delivered onto the facial skin. At the same time, through breathing, they are delivered to the whole body and especially to the brain.

Essentially, the device sucks the air out of the room and filters it out of dust and viruses. It then considerably enhances the negative ions of the air and sends them to the helmet.

⦁ Optional (extra cost): Applying facials such as Metatherapy.

⦁ Application of the appropriate cream for each skin.


45€ / 1 session

350€ for 10 sessions (35€/session)

When combined with facials: cost of treatment + 15€ for Dermio Care® Facial

Duration of treatment: 30’

Number of sessions: 10 sessions are recommended during a skin rejuvenation cycle, i.e. 28 days.

Frequency: 1-5 sessions / week

SPM. Alternative anti age facial for detox and hydration

Aromatherapy – Face Lymphatic Drainage with suction cups

SPM combines Aromatherapy and Lymphatic Massage with suction cups.

  • Using aromatherapy, we balance both the face and the body. Essential oils alone are capable of being absorbed by the skin and depending on the properties of each essential oil, they have excellent results. However, combined with lymphoid drainage and the suction cups, results are multiplied.
  • We apply lymphatic massage to face, neck and chest. Lymphatic facial massage is performed with a special suction device with small glass suction cups. Suction cups achieve better lymphoid drainage.
  • With the use of a very small cupping glass and a suction device, we increase blood circulation on the wrinkles and stimulate fibroblasts.

Treatment stages

  • Make-up removal
  • Exfoliation
  • Toning
  • Application of the appropriate combination of essential oils on the skin
  • 20′ Massage Lymphoid drainage through the body’s lymphoid routes using suction cups followed by hands
  • Application of a clay seaweed mask depending on the specific needs of the skin
  • Face cream

Cost: 49€

Duration of treatment: 60’

Number of sessions: 3 – 12 sessions

Frequency: 1-2 sessions / week

Peeling for dull, tired, uneven skin tone

Peeling with acids for Antiaging

Peeling for dull, tired, uneven skin tone.

Treatment suitable for the following skin conditions:

  • Photo-ageing
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Freckles
  • Hornification caused by sunlight
  • Dull look
  • Wrinkles
  • Expression lines on upper & middle skin layer

Treatment stages

  • Use of a special facial cleanser, based on exfoliating fruit acids, soap-free and skin-irritating sulphates.
  • Application of a serum with acids.

Depending on the needs and tolerance of the skin to acids, the beauty therapist chooses 1 or 2 peels with acids:

  • Mandelic acid has whitening properties and is at the same time a mild exfoliating peel, so as not to irritate the skin.
  • Lactobionic acid, in addition to exfoliation, provides anti-oxidation without dehydrating the skin.
  • Salicylic acid has a very good ability to penetrate the sebaceous gland to regulate smegma over-secretion.
  • Lactic acid has a whitening effect to reduce hyperpigmentation (sun blotches).
  • Application of an anti-wrinkle booster – serum with retinol
  • Mask with moisturising, soothing and regenerating action.
  • Moisturising – Anti-wrinkle face cream & sun protection

Information you need to know after a Peel session

  • Mild redness and skin irritation may occur after the session.
  • Mild exfoliation can occur the day following the Peel and may last for 1 – 4 days.
  • You can resume your normal activities immediately. The skin does not need downtime.

For the treatment to be comprehensive, it must begin with the appropriate soothing products at home at least 10 days in advance and  it continues during the sessions at Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre.

After the sessions, the results are maintained at home with the appropriate products recommended by the Nefer Beautician.

Although you should always wear sunscreen on your face, neck and chest, especially for Peel sessions, you must wear sunscreen. In particular, sun exposure should be avoided 10 days before the treatment and for 1 month after the last session.

Cost: 50€

Duration of treatment: 50’

Offer: in 2 sessions, the 3rd FREE OF CHARGE

Number of sessions: 4 – 6 sessions

Frequency: every 7 – 10 days

Long living treatment, for stress and sleep management

Holistic Face Up

Holistic facial treatment with a combination of facial massage techniques. Long living service, suitable for stress management and sleep regulation.

Treatment stages

  • Make-up removal
  • Facial massage for a lifting result It combines 4 massage techniques.
  • Japanese lymphatic massage It works on all 3 layers of the skin. It stimulates lymphatic circulation and detoxifies the skin.
  • Technique based on the principles of gemmotherapy, using stones. Using special stones, we detoxify the skin, they help release the “blockages” of connective tissue.
  • Rejuvance or Bio-energy face lifting Special techniques with the use of fingers, they release tension from the subcutaneous connective tissue and facial muscles. Immediate effect of natural Lifting, long lasting.
  • We combine our many years of experience with breathing techniques so that your body receives the necessary oxygen levels and cope with stress, resulting in natural face lifting with radiant skin.
  • Optionally: Facial mask for skin nourishment and hydration
  • Face cream


Holistic Face Up: 50€

Offer: 3 sessions Holistic Face Up 100€ (the sessions should be done in 2 months)


Holistic Face Up Express: 30€

Holistic Face Up & Detox mask: 65€


Duration of sessions:

Holistic Face Up: 60’

Holistic Face Up Express: 30’

Holistic Face Up & Detox mask: 80’


Number of sessions: 6 – 10 sessions

Frequency: every 7 – 10 days

Πίνακας Υπηρεσιών

Περιποιήσεις Αντιγήρανσης Προσώπου – Ματιών – Λαιμού/Ντεκολτέ

Ο παρακάτω πίνακας συνοψίζει τις βασικές μεθόδους μας στην αντιγήρανση Προσώπου, ανάλογα με το «πρόβλημα» που αντιμετωπίζει καλύτερα. Λαμβάνοντας υπόψη τις ανάγκες που έχετε να καλύψετε επιλέγουμε μια ή συνδυασμό από τις παρακάτω περιποιήσεις.

ANTI AGEING - FIRMING FACIALS Sagging skin Wrinkles Hyperpigmentation
/ Ανομοιόμορφη ύφη επιδερμίδας
Aromatherapy – Face Lymphatic drainage
with suction cups. SPM
Tightening & Anti-ageing. Deep Peeling with Lactic/Glycolic acid & Derma Pen
Deep anti-ageing peeling. Medik8
Photoregeneration & Radiofrequencies
Tightening with microcurrent. Hydradermie Lift - Guinot
Deep hydration & tightening. Hydradermie Lift Deluxe. Guinot
Deep whitening peeling. Medik8
Deep whitening peeling. Mandelic acid
No-Needle Μesotherapy. Derma Pen
Skin tightening. Radio-Frequencies – RF
Hydration & Firming with Vitamin C & Derma Pen
Anti-oxidation with negative oxygen ions - Dermionologie Facial – Weyergans
Autologous mesotherapy. PRP
No-Needle Μesotherapy. Natural Lifting – Metatherapy
Skin Tightening with Plasma Pen
Firming & Whitening. Deep Peeling with Mandelic acid & Derma Pen
Deep anti-ageing peeling. Lactic acid
Deep Peeling for fine lines – Dull skin. Medik8
Deep Peeling for tough skin conditions. Medik8
EYE TREATMENT Sagging skin Wrinkles
SPM Lymphatic drainage for eyes
Tightening - hydration with microcurrents. Hydradermie Lift Eyes - Guinot
Eye logic – Guinot
Eye treatment with Derma Pen
NECK & DECOLLETE Sagging skin Wrinkles Hyperpigmentation
/ Uneven Skin Tone
Deep Anti-Ageing Peeling for Neck and/or Decollete. Medik8
Natural lifting – Metatherapy for Neck and/or Decollete
Whitening - Skin tightening for Neck and/or Decollete Photoregeneration & Radiofrequencies