Hair Removal for Men

Several men choose to go for hair removal at Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre in order to get rid of body hair (chest, back, shoulders, legs, neck, arms, fingers) and face hair (between eyebrows, on cheekbones when the beard grows upwards, under the eyes, on the flaps of the ears, on the ridge of the nose, on the neck).

Especially hair removal for men requires careful selection of the method, so as not to aggravate male hair growth due to the increased androgens (male hormones) or cause bursitis (hairs turning into the skin), as male hair is more pronounced, stronger and grows on different and more places than female hair.

Hair removal for men is carried out following strict hygiene rules by experienced beauticians, graduates of the Technological Educational Institute, who know all the hair removal techniques, as well as the anatomy and particularities of men’s skin and hair growth.

Our salon offers all available methods of unwanted hair removal.

Permanent hair removal for men:

  • LASER Αlexandrite – Candela A painless LASER hair removal method that has a guaranteed and fast result.
  • Radical hair removal with a needle (electrical hair removal) for white hair. It acts directly on the  root of the hair and destroys it by channelling current.


Temporary hair removal for men:

  • Bee waxing. Suitable for temporary removal of hair on non-hormone dependent areas e.g. legs, armpits.
  • Enzyme/Organic hair removal. It is done by applying gel with enzymes on the skin that has just been waxed. It reduces existing hair growth in hormone dependent areas through the application of keratolytic enzymes. For male areas such as the back, chest and hands, if not done with LASER, then the next appropriate method of hair removal is the Enzyme hair removal. This ensures that hair will not thicken in those areas where androgens are most active and that hair, which has only been waxed, will not grow back. It is mainly recommended for the chest, back, neck and hands.

Bursitis. What is it?

Pseudo-bursitis or bursitis is “hair that grows within the skin”.

Bursitis is often caused following the process of a hair removal method. It is more frequent after shaving than bee waxing. In particular, it is often to men due to their dense hair growth.

Bursitis frequently appears on men’s neck, where the beard ends, on their back and chest following bee waxing or the use of a razor.

The sensitivity of the individual plays a significant role in its appearance. It is more frequent to people with frizzy hair, while hormones are also very important.

Hair normally grows in the centre of the follicle and appears vertically on the skin surface.

In bursitis, the hair does not grow in the centre of the follicle, but it “winds back” and injures the follicle wall. This situation creates an inflammation and there may also be papule and/or cystitis. If this inflammation is persistent, it will create scarring or dyschromia (hyper or hypo-pigmentation).

At Nefer, we know the complications and consequences of incorrect hair removal, so we provide you with safety, proper hygiene and guaranteed effectiveness using fully sophisticated hair removal methods such as hair removal with LASER Alexandrite – Candela.

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