Hair Removal for Men

Several men choose to go for hair removal at Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre in order to get rid of body hair (chest, back, shoulders, legs, neck, arms, fingers) and face hair (between eyebrows, on cheekbones when the beard grows upwards, under the eyes, on the flaps of the ears, on the ridge of the nose, on the neck).

Especially hair removal for men requires careful selection of the method, so as not to aggravate male hair growth due to the increased androgens (male hormones) or cause bursitis (hairs turning into the skin), as male hair is more pronounced, stronger and grows on different and more places than female hair.

Hair removal for men is carried out following strict hygiene rules by experienced beauticians, graduates of the Technological Educational Institute, who know all the hair removal techniques, as well as the anatomy and particularities of men’s skin and hair growth.

Our salon offers all available methods of unwanted hair removal.

Permanent hair removal for men:

  • For Temporary Hair Removal, waxing is available.


  • For Permanent hair removal, there is a variety of methods, each of which excels in some cases or does not respond to others:

Candela Alexandrite LASER, for dark hairs and fair skin. Mainly for the body.
LASER Diode, Soprano Beauty Remove by Alma, for dark hairs, on the face and body. It is applied to dark-colored skin, even during the summer months.
Also, LASER hair removal is applied with great success to skins with folliculitis. A responsible factor for the creation of folliculitis is the hair. Once it is permanently removed with LASER hair removal, the red or brown marks of folliculitis also stop appearing.

Electrolysis hair removal, for white coarse hairs or for persistent hirsutism.
Enzymatic hair removal, for fuzz or hirsutism in hormone-dependent areas.
Furthermore, the human body is not a machine where you press a button and all the hairs disappear. Impeccable cooperation between the aesthetician and the interested party for hair removal is required.

At the Nefer Aesthetic & Nutrition Center, we adhere to strict hygiene rules and protocols. Hair removal services are provided by aestheticians, graduates of Technological Educational Institutes, who are thoroughly familiar with all permanent hair removal techniques, in order to recommend the most suitable method for you, depending on the area you want to have “permanent” hair removal.

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