Hair removal

Enzyme hair removal-Men

One of the great advantages of enzyme hair removal is its ability to reduce existing hair growth or at least to not increase it in areas such as the back, chest, belly or hands.

At Nefer Beauty Salon & Diet Centre, one of the methods for permanent hair removal we use is the enzyme or organic hair removal. An effective method for permanent relief from unwanted hair growth, that is done by the penetration of appropriate enzymes into newly waxed follicles.

an effective method for permanent relief from unwanted hair growth

Enzyme hair removal

It achieves gradual hair reduction up to 30% for dark hair and up to 50% for bloom.

How is enzyme hair removal done?

– Disinfection of the area to be treated

– Bee waxing

– Application of enzyme (chymotrypsin, papain, bulbaine etc.) Enzymes have keratolytic properties. When applied to de-haired skin, they penetrate into the de-haired follicle and destroy the regenerating hair cells.

– Application of a healing and antiseptic product

– Covering and antiphlogistic product

Hair removal

Face  29€
½  Face  21€
Neck  19€
Legs  55€
½ legs  29€
Hands  19€
Armpits  15€
Belly  19€
Waist  15€
Back  29€


Leg waxing  29€ / *25€
Leg waxing – simple bikini line  35€ / *30€
Enzyme for Face – Eyebrow  35€
Enzyme ½  Face – Eyebrow  25€
Enzyme for Chest – belly  29€
Enzyme for back – chest – belly  49€

The * represent the special rates for young people up to 25 years old.